Love Songs

Love Songs

Posted 2016-02-24 by Marie Vonowfollow
Image by Marie Vonow

All those beautiful love songs
Are for the young, aren't they?
That's what I thought,
Until you came along that day.

I was caught off balance,
Never thought you noticed me,
Then your arm was around me,
What I had been missing I could see.

I welcomed your warm and gentle kiss
Upon my lonely lips,
I sighed as you stroked my back,
And placed your hands on my hips.

For so long I had been on my own,
But now you were holding me,
Speaking words of a future,
In your arms I was happy to be.

But it wasn't meant to be,
It wasn't part of the Grand Plan,
I have come to accept
You will never be my man.

I listen to the radio
And feel every sad love song,
I sigh as I live the words,
I thought in your life I would belong.


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