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People have written songs and poems about it, made movies and plays based upon it- thats right, about love.

To be in love is what we all desire, to be needed, wanted and cared about. can bring happiness, security and contentment but it also can bring heartbreak as many of us invest so much of ourselves into our love lives. is so delicate and fragile and should be taken with care. should not be jealous or hateful, unfaithful or disloyal - love should be kind, respectful, generous, compassionate, loyal and understanding. I once heard a very special saying "the greatest thing you will ever learn- is to love and be loved in return."

I believe in this saying as it is a way of life, love is truly all around us. Whether its family, friends, pets or your partner, the love that connects you together is everlasting.

really is, everything.


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