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I am in a relationship where other people look at us and think we are just so good. And we are. But its taken two lifetimes with each of us learning (or not) things. Loads of rubbish and obstacles to get around. It took middle age to sort things out.

If I told him red was blue, he'd go around believing it. It's a trust thing. He trusts me so much - I make sure I get my facts straight and don't mess with that trust.

We say what we like to each other. Sometimes its not pretty - but we acknowlege one another. We have different mindsets and ways of seeing the world. This helps us see things from the other's point of view.

We know when to 'let' the other 'win'.

We don't argue in public. We can ding-dong-row like the rest of them. My language can get pretty colourful too if the 'right' situation arises. We save it for later - at our place - in private. The issue has nothing to do with anyone else.

Kindness goes a long way - we be kind to each other.

We are mindful of the other's opinion and respect it. We learn how to resolve an issue each time we have one.

It might sound like we have everything listed, itemised with checkboxes - we do not.

People say we are lucky. Pfffft! We learned as we went along and ended up with a few ground rules we stick to, to keep our relationship the way we want it.

Seen enough to know things can change...circumstances, want to enjoy while we are 'on the same page'.

The biggest piece of luck is we found each other.

All relationships have their own dynamic - this is ours.


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