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All through history people have been trying to find love for others, whether it be friends of a singleton or a fully fledged occupation in some cultures.

There is something to be said for love...or peoples interpretations of it.

Why do we think the majority of people want to be hooked up anyway?

  • Happy couples want their single friends to feel a connection in a similar way to them.

  • Friends or aquaintances of the single person feels that person is lonely and feel they know 'just the right one'.

  • Mutual advantage - certain circumstances that fulfil needs of both parties (assuming they get on well enough) for example housekeeping in exchange for room and board or looking after someone who is not healthy, or aging.

  • is an accepted practice in some cultures. A legitimate occupation with service payments and dowries involved.

    Today's equivalent is some fandangled, fancy algorithm in some equally fancy database. Payments for the service done online at anytime of the day or night.Yep - you got it - internet dating.

    Kings and Queens have been matched for alliance sake throughout history - many without the kind of love considerations most of us have come to expect in relationships we view as serious.

    I hope for the majority it is a matter of quelling loneliness, having someone to share life with... all the ups and downs, shared goals....companionship.


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