Mirroring Values

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It is said that couples who are into each other will mirror each other with small gestures and have a coresponding body language.

That old saying - practice what you preach or do unto others...

...may be able to help attract a partner that will fit into your life easier if you take a little time to figure out certain traits you like. If you decide to work on those same traits yourself - you just might be able to attract that 'like-minded' other.

This way will ensure a more even playing field - you both will appreciate each other's qualities, each having something wonderful to offer the other.

Some examples to give an idea...

So if honesty is a quality you value - try being honest yourself with your new prospective partner.

Balance is the key - being totally blunt is likely to put others off, so mix in a little tact for measure.

If compassion is imprortant to you - make sure you show it. A possible partner who laughs or takes a harder stance on a situation than you might, will show that you will need to make a decision as to whether or not you can tolerate that person's reaction or viewpoint.

Good Company
Good company is important in any kind of positive relationship. Add charm to your existing qualities - be interested in the other person and interesting in your own right.

Again - the balance thing - it is not a good idea to be pushy or domineering, just as it is not a good thing to be self-depreciating for the sake of the other person's ego.

Having your most valued qualities sorted may just put you on a more stress-free path to finding your other.


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