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, it's almost a dirty word these days. With it being such a touchy subject, not a lot of people wish to discuss it, but I'm sure we all think about it. I often wonder, considering the amount of infidelity that goes on, whether or not humans are meant to be with just the one person for life.

It's a lovely fantasy to think that we each have a soul mate, but this notion can put a lot of pressure on people to find the right partner. In my opinion, your soul mate doesn't necessarily need to be the one you are romantically attached or attracted to. They could be your best friend, perhaps.

In all honesty, I don't believe that humans are naturally monogamous beings. If this was so, we wouldn't find ourselves attracted to other people once we have already found a suitable partner. But we do.

I watched a documentary on monogamy a couple of years back, and found it so interesting that there are only a fair few species amongst the animal kingdom which do pair off and mate for life. Humans were not one of them.

We are a highly complex species, us humans. And although we do share the same basic needs as the rest of the creatures who walk, crawl, slither, swim or fly upon this Earth, we also have many different intricate desires which separate us completely.

The human race does not only consider sex for pro creation, even though it is the natural force that drives us to want it. We use it for fun, pleasure, stress relief, commercial purposes in order to obtain money, expression and in some cases power and control.

Attraction also comes in various forms. We may find someone attractive due to their looks, sense of adventure, personality, wisdom, spirituality, the ability to make us laugh, their similarities to ourselves and many other reasons.

With all of these different emotional avenues we seek to experience, especially these days, it is hard to imagine that one sole person within our whole entire life time could embody all of the opportunity for us feel everything we so desire. We just aren't that simple.

In saying all of this, I do not believe that monogamy is not possible, and that through the one relationship we can't find complete contentment. Of course we can. But I think that we are kidding ourselves if we are to think that people won't at some stage wish to seek something different, which their current partner just could not offer to them.

In order for us all to be happy I think we would need to choose a partner who has similar wants and needs, and is willing to be flexible and move with us in whichever direction we choose to go. Relationships seem to become difficult to manage when their is a lack of understanding and barriers are formed.

I think that true love and monogamy can only be found and maintained when a couple know and understand each other in every way possible, and find a way to love and respect each other regardless of differences, allowing one another to be themselves and flourish.

Of course there are your exceptions, and sometimes people are just dishonest and have emotional issues that even they don't understand, causing disruption in all of their relationships no matter how great their partner is. Both parties need to comply and understand each other or else it just won't work.

Whether it be natural or not, monogamy is possible for humans of course, but I just don't think it comes naturally. It requires work, searching of the soul, and confirmation of what one truly wants.

It is in our nature to seek experiences from which we will learn. We want what we yearn. If one person is able to walk with us on our journey every step of the way, that is great. But there is more to it, I believe than mere destiny and fate.


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