My Favourite Moment

My Favourite Moment

Posted 2014-01-11 by elisefollow

My favourite moment with my boyfriend is the first time we made a meal for his parents. It wasn’t anything fancy or complicated. I think it was just vegetables, mushrooms and steak. I don’t really recall much of the cooking actually. Instead what I do remember most is the way he suddenly held me and started to dance with me.

While the steak was sizzling in the pan, he spontaneously held my left hand and waist, and we started to dance. It was a slow, graceful dance in his kitchen. It was really just a sway from one end of his kitchen to the other. Nothing complicated. In that moment, I felt how much he loves me, and I could not find the words to tell him how this little dance with me made me so happy. All I could do was smile at him. It was almost like I was in heaven in this man’s arms. I was not expecting it at all. It was his way of telling me how much he appreciates me spending time with his family, cooking together and how much he is enjoying our time together.

Ever since that day, whenever we can, we try to cook together. It’s never anything too complicated or difficult. As we cook, we spend a second or two in each other arms, reminding us of the first time we cooked together and expressing our love for each other. As we have busy and conflicting work schedules, we try to squeeze in as many dances in the kitchen as possible. I love this moment so much, I've tried to keep a collection of the moments, recipes and endeavours my boyfriend and I spend in the kitchen. You can also follow Our Dance in the Kitchen .

This is a moment I will forever cherish and treasure. It may not seem like much from other's eyes, however, it is my favourite moment with my boyfriend so far. You never know, a simple moment at the time could mean a whole lot more to your partner.

Key learnings: Quality time with your partner is everything.


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