One Sided Relationships

One Sided Relationships

Posted 2018-03-24 by Mina Keenanfollow

Narcissism is a word that has been bandied about quite a bit in one of the circles I hang out in.

People call other people it. People are horrified to think they might be one.

It seems as if it a dirty word.

Greek legend has it Narcissus fell in love with himself on seeing his reflection in the water. He could not drink because it disrupted the view of himself and thus died, whereupon a flower grew, aptly named Narcissus. Another version says he turned into the flower.

Dictionary definition says its someone who loves themselves excessively.

Some of the traits are grandiosity, feelings of superiority, bullying behaviour, lack of empathy - but at extreme levels.

We all need to have some measure of self-centeredness to survive. To look out for ourselves if we don't want to have a one-sided relationship.

There is motive in everything we do.

There are all sorts of reasons for people staying in a one-sided relationship where the other is self serving - economic, low self esteem, don't know better, submissive personality, laziness, loneliness, habit or smitten in love.

We need to recognise if someone else is hurting us, or making us constantly miserable.

History has repeated itself time and again where people were warned to stay away from someone and they didn't listen - to their own detriment.

Its a good idea to listen to family and friends - people you trust if they are concerned about your relationship and want you to leave the other person, because it is them that have your best interests at heart.


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