Overcoming a Breakup

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No one is a fan of a broken heart but these quick tips should begin to get you back on the straight and narrow and feeling much better about love and relationships...

Do not attempt to find a rebound or occupy yourself with someone else - While this might sound great and an easy distraction, you have to find out the real source of your pain. Overshadowing the real problem with another person only complicates things. Keep it simple and focus on yourself first.

Re-evaluate - Take the time to re-evaluate your goals and what you want out of life. Focusing on your goals and dreams will provide you with happiness and this happiness is something which can last a life time. If you feel like you don't have any goals at the moment, create a few, write them down on paper and try to focus on making them a reality. It is important that you use this time to self soothe and concentrate on yourself.

Dont go over what went wrong in your head - Going over what went wrong will only make you upset. You will be able to come to terms with the breakup easier if you focus on the positives of your life at present and what possibilities lay ahead.

Don't try and call or text your ex partner immediately - Give it a month or so before trying to contact your partner if you really must contact them. Refrain from a phone call or a text message which asks a question because if you dont get a response you will be even more upset. The less contact you have initially, the better. You need time to heal.

Spend time with family and friends - Spending time with others may be perfect for distracting your mind from the reality of being single again. Take this time to be around your loved ones and focus on what they have been up to and their company. You will feel alot better.

Do not go back to your ex immediately - It doesnt matter what the situation is, take the time to re-evaluate your life and focus on yourself. Separations occur for a reason so it is important that you get some alone time to think whether a new relationship or rekindling the old one is what you truly need.

Allow yourself to grieve properly - This will allow you to let go of the relationship sooner and move on properly without being in denial. It is alright to feel a mix of different emotions - sadness, anger, hopelessness, anxiety. It is important that you release these emotions appropriately though. Why not adopt an activity such as running or kickboxing? Both of these forms of exercise have been scientifically proven to release endorphins allowing your body to feel refreshed and vibrant.

Take the time to nurture yourself - Spend time doing activities you enjoy, get a massage or read a book. Take the time to unwind, relax your body and mind and make sure you stick to your regular routine. All of these things will allow you to maintain your existing lifestyle and improve on areas also.

All of these tips can help you improve your lifestyle while still getting over your breakup the best way possible. Nothing will cure your heartache or anxiety over night but with time will come a new found love for yourself and more appreciation for your goals and dreams. It is all about finding your independence and embracing it!


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