Pet Argument Peeves

Pet Argument Peeves

Posted 2014-04-21 by Mina Keenanfollow

Doing something that you know will annoy someone else is a very powerful thing.

When you've been with someone for a while, you learn about them and get to know them. People have their own little quirks when they argue or have disagreements. After a time you get to recognise those deeds or quirks, as they keep on happening - and they can be frustratingly annoying!

Here's my pet peeve list:
  • Ask me a question and walk away
  • (Do not ask me a question if you don't want an answer - Right! I'm not cooking tea)

  • Say your bit and walk away
  • (How dare you have your say and not let me have mine. I am as important as you. Right! I'm not talking to you)

  • Slam car/house/cupboard door
  • (Wasn't expecting that, gave me a fright - he'll probably go around pretending he's deaf)

  • Tell me 'Yes Dear' (add rolling eyes and audible sigh)
  • (Oh dreary, dreary me - lets go around pretending we're old buggers - talk all drawly and slow and not quite with it)

    Here's his pet peeve list:
  • Dinner not cooked
  • (She should look after me. Think I'll ask her why and walk away)

  • Not talking
  • (How rude. I'll say my bit and walk away)

  • I don't understand that he's deaf
  • (I didn't hear what she said. I need to slam a cupboard door)

  • Tone
  • (She's talking like I'm stupid or something - 'Yes Dear')

    My interpretation of our lists are as follows:
  • My list has all the characteristics of expectations that I should be heard/acknowledged.

  • His list has all the characteristics of the delivery of the message. He doesn't mind hearing what I have to say but it would be good if I could say things in a nice way.

  • Somehow we know what buttons to push - this is what gets us noticed. This is a device we use to let the other know we are annoyed - albeit in a semi-sarcastic undermining sort of way.

    This can do one of two things:
  • Clear the air when lesser methods have failed, like asking nicely or hinting.
  • Take the issue to a full scale row.

  • So while you might achieve some temporary snarky satisfaction - once the spat is over, you can sort the issue / say sorry / make up.

    Note: For the record he's not deaf. Just likes to pretend he is.


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