Rekindling Your Relationship

Rekindling Your Relationship

Posted 2014-08-30 by Gwen O'Toole-Luscombefollow
Relationships are hard work. Love takes patience, understanding, support and continuous effort from both involved. It can never take the back seat, ever.

Take a bit of time to get back on track and rekindle your relationship. Image credit Starting Today Coaching.

Day to day life, working, paying bills, taking care of children, keeping up with family/friends and looking after ourselves makes it hard on us to keep our relationship passionate and fulfilling.

Australian relationship coach Megan Luscombe has launched a new workshop with a slightly different approach.

The ‘Rekindle Your Relationship' events are held in a private home environments so everyone feels at ease and relaxed with a small group of no more than five couples. These sessions are held as facilitated discussions over some wine and nibbles and are intentional run to feel more like a casual get together with mates rather than a coaching session.

Even better, they are held on late Saturday afternoons so attendees can book in what’s likely to be a much-needed date night afterwards.

Sessions are held in a group environment and end early enough so that you can both enjoy a much needed date night afterwards. Image creditJ

The workshops are designed specifically for couples who are looking to get their relationship back on track. As a relationship coach Megan doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to making someone’s relationship better. She works with individuals and couples at getting to the center of their concerns, ensuring that she facilitates honest conversations to allow positive outcomes for both individuals involved.

“Couples feel bad they’ve allowed their relationship to become a bit stale and instead of talking about it, they read books or go to online forums trying to fix the problem from the outside,” says Luscombe.

“Fixing a relationship isn’t as easy as reading a quick ‘how to’ guide. It takes honest conversation, commitment to each other when it comes to working on the issues and it means leaving all past issues and insecurities behind. It also means accepting half of the blame.”

Don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen into a relationship that’s become more routine then raunchy, Megan assures that it’s more normal than you think, arguing
that “boredom and routine are inevitable, especially if those in the relationship aren’t continually thinking of ways to make it evolve, grow and deepen once the initial stages of lust and butterflies fade away.”

Megan has made it her mission to assist those wanting more out of their relationships. She believes a relationship should provide you with fulfillment, satisfaction, passion, spontaneity, security, comfort and endless opportunities for personal and team growth.

She attributes her honest, fun and direct approach to understanding that “these days people don’t want to spend months and years trying to fix something. They want to know what they’re doing wrong and how to fix it now, I aim at assisting my clients with what they need to know immediately and can say without a doubt that in doing so they are able to start making changes that have profound impacts, not only their daily lives but in their bedrooms.”

The next upcoming session for Rekindle Your Relationship will be held in Melbourne in September with other cities to follow.

Whilst able to provide one-on-one sessions with clients, Megan also hosts a number of sessions throughout Australia covering topics from 'The Anxious Bride' to 'The Confident Couple' for groups of 10 or more.

See here to book or to register your interest in another city.


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