Single Vs Partnered Living Arrangements

Single Vs Partnered Living Arrangements

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There are advantages to being single and living alone. There are also advantages to living with a person you are in a relationship with. What suits you depends on your age, personality, culture, family responsibilities, previous life experience and health. Yes, there are many variables.

Whether you are married or simply living together, ideally there are advantages to sharing a home. Every relationship is different but advantages can include -
  • company
  • love
  • someone to come home to
  • a person to share the trials and joys of the day with
  • someone to listen to you and offer ideas
  • shared decision making
  • pooled financial resources
  • sharing the chores and responsibilities
  • extended group of friends and family
  • someone to care for you during sickness
  • someone on hand in the case of an emergency
  • another set of skills and knowledge to complement yours

  • Being single has advantages which can include -
  • freedom to choose your own friends and spend as much time with them as you want
  • a tendency to be more independent
  • likelihood of developing skills you wouldn't if someone else was there to do things for you
  • freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want, within the constraints of finances, health, work and other responsibilities
  • freedom to move for a change of scene or for work opportunities
  • more time to develop your own interests
  • freedom to choose how you spend and save money
  • being able to express yourself without worrying how it will affect your partner
  • not having to explain why you do things a particular way
  • getting home whatever time you choose without explaining or apologising
  • freedom to be more spontaneous
  • more time for your career or interests
  • freedom to change jobs, set up a business or quit work without it affecting someone else

  • So, is it better to be in a relationship and sharing a home or to be single and on your own? There is no answer to this question, with some people preferring one option and others preferring the other. There are those who choose a compromise situation.

    Today an increasing number of people class themselves as having a partner but they live apart, termed Living Apart Together (LAT). This works well for some couples but wouldn't for others. Some couples are in a situation where they have little choice but to live apart.

    Surveys suggest between 6% and 9% of adults in Australia, Canada and the United States have a partner who lives away from them. The figure is about 10% for the United Kingdom. It is expected these percentages will continue to rise as more people in committed relationships move away from traditional living arrangements.

    These days there are many types of relationships and a variety of living arrangements for those who consider themselves part of a couple. It is to be hoped that with more options it is easier for each couple to find an arrangement that works for them.


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