Stop Talking About Your Relationship

Stop Talking About Your Relationship

Posted 2014-01-17 by Angiefollow
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As social beings it is only natural that we want to talk about ourselves and what’s going on in our lives; however, there are some things – particularly the goings on of a private relationship – that really should be kept to the self, or rather away from the internet!

It’s a harsh but well known fact that no one else cares about your relationship, except for the people in it (there you go I’ve gone and said it!) That’s not to say that people are so bitter and cynical nowadays that they can’t be happy for you, it’s just that they don’t want to know every single detail of your relationship.

What’s your (internet) relationship status?

Posting about your relationship on social media is the equivalent to tabloid journalism. I mean that’s why we all read and check our facebook/instagram/twitter feeds, for a gossip fix? However, there comes a point where it’s all too much and not even the most sensitive of us all can handle the copious amounts of digital PDA pouring from your newsfeed. The odd picture here and there is totally harmless, what I’m referring to are the cringe-worthy poems posted on each other’s walls and the essay-like status to mark your 7 month anniversary accompanied with the obligatory ‘kissing selfie.’

What scares me the most is the ease we have nowadays to share our relationships on the internet which essentially means the whole world. As soon as you mark yourself as ‘in a relationship’ you invite others to become involved. Furthermore, if that status were to go from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single,’ it would immediately cause a stir and the gossip would start rolling! Your close friends and the people who matter to you already know about your relationship, so why too should the whole of the internet?

It’s all about respect

How would you feel if a very private moment of yours was offered up on a silver platter for people to analyse and dissect? Whatever happened to the kiss-and-don’t-tell rule? For me, one of the best things about being in a relationship is that if you wish it, it can be totally private. The happy memories are something you share completely and solely with your partner so you should respect their privacy and except them to do the same to you. These private moments should be savoured and cherished, not shared and made public.

It’s not just about respecting your partner but your friends too. It’s so easy to become so absorbed and caught up in your relationship that you stop listening to your friends, or worse, you force them to become involved. Many times I’ve been stuck in the middle of a feuding couple, both sides close friends and both forcing me to take a side. It can be incredibly uncomfortable, and personally I think it’s quite rude and inconsiderate. No one knows what’s ‘normal’ for a couple, even close friends, so don’t force someone to take a side on a matter which they know nothing about. If anything else, such issues need to be discussed privately first and not with an outside party.

I'm not suggesting that we stop talking about our relationships all together, it's that there needs to be some kind of middle ground. Of course sometimes we need an outside opinion and any friend would be more than happy to listen and offer up advice. It only becomes a problem when your relationship is all that you talk about. If this is the case it's time to give your friends a break and change the topic of conversation!


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