Telltale Signs Youre in a Euphoric Relationship

Posted 2013-12-11 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image The time ticking bomb of euphoria. Watch out for it.

Being in a euphoric relationship is a sign of bliss. Well, yes and no. Being in a euphoric state is lovely, and once the novelty wears off; that love can turn into hate as quickly as flicking a switch. The latter is not good.

True love is all about planting seeds, inch by inch - step by step. True love needs to be nurtured. There are no fantasies and addictions attached. No clinging to your soulmate.

Euphoria is a state of mania. A relationship is moving at warp a fast rollercoaster ride you want to get off from.

If your new love based relationship is based on the following, then you're in a euphoric relationship. It is time to slow it down and remove any fantasties about what a relationship should be all about:

  • Your new mate rings you about 50 times a day (sometimes it feels like 100) to say "I love you" when they've only just met you. And even just to talk to you when you're busy working constantly.

  • Your new mate is flooding you with treats, and going beyond their means financially in order to do so.

  • With the above, you're relishing it - even though it is a fantasy. Relationships cut both ways.

  • You're stuck in that partner cave (more coming up in my next article) where you spend an abundance of time with your new mate. All of a sudden your friends and family come second.

  • Your new mate is always on your mind. Hence you find it difficult to concentrate.

  • If you find yourself in a euphoric relationship, seek some help. Apart from slowing things down; talk things through with a trusty. Ask yourself how you can slow things down. Once the euphoria wears off, things can get rather messy.


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