The Bill Please

The Bill Please

Posted 2014-02-05 by Katiefollow
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When it comes to dates who is the one who should pay?

It's always nice when a guy pays for dinner, but I don't expect it every time.

Some men like to pay for everything, and some think that they are obliged to pay so they will take you somewhere cheap so it doesn't cost a fortune. Doesn't matter how they feel, sometimes it can be hard to know if you should offer to pay or not.

I don't like a guy to pay for everything. I feel a little awkward, and I, even on one date, continued to ask if my date would like some money each time he went to buy a round of drinks. He always said no and even though I thought I was being a pest asking, at least he knew I wasn't expecting him to pay for the whole date. I don't like to give the gold digger impression.

Although what about the times when you do have to pay? Things can get confusing then. Is it a date? Is he stingy? Or are we just friends? I went out with a friend for a movie and he was going to pay, I offered the money for my ticket and he took the money right out of my hand and said thanks. At first I thought he was stingy, but it turned out he just wanted to hang out as friends.

So how can you know? I've been invited out with guys other times and not been sure if it was a date or not. I was invited to a movie on a separate occasion and I told a friend at work who said "ooh a date!"
"No we're just friends I think" was my response
As I had got a message saying " Hey dude are you working tonight? Thought we could go watch a movie" the fact that he called me dude was the clue it wasn't a date.

It's also hard when your unsure about if it's a date or not; when it comes to what to wear. Should I dress up? What if I dress causal and he wants it to be a date and then thinks I'm not interested because I'm dressed casual? It can drive you crazy. All these questions running through your head.

So what have I learnt from my dating experience complications? I've learnt it's best to ask a lot of questions. Try asking something that will let you know if it is a date or not? If it's a dinner date, I would ask them something like- What is the price range of the restaurant? I have to transfer money so I need to know how much to transfer. If he replies something like don't worry I'll pay, it's most likely a date. But if he says a price range, then sadly he's stingy or he just wants to be mates.

I've learnt that it's best to wear something semi casual and dress it up with a necklace and some bracelets. If you turn up and feel like your over dressed, or it's just a friends thing, excuse yourself to the bathroom and take some off and put it in your bag. If it is a friends date he won't have even noticed. And if he does just say I felt a little overdressed. Works every time.


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