The Love for the Earth

The Love for the Earth

Posted 2014-08-06 by pippa richfollow

The birth of the earth is said to have occurred approximately 4.6 billion years ago.

Inside the earth is fire, well really hot stuff. The earths surface is divided into plates. The great mountains we love are folds in the plates.

The land has soils, minerals and rocks. It has landforms and biomes which make the magnificent landscapes.

There are 12 biomes which have been identified including deserts, tundras, suvvanas, mountains and tropical rain forests.

Air creates weather along with water and solar energy. There are 5 layers in the earths atmosphere. Air can be unloving like cyclones and tornadoes.

Water sustains life. The earths water is found in oceans, rivers, seas, underground and in the atmosphere.

We must love our earth. Sometimes us city dwellers forget the natural beauty of the earth. Get out there and discover the wonder of nature with one another. The earth inspires romance between people, and a good sunset can bring two people together and bring great happiness.


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