The Online Date Part 1

The Online Date Part 1

Posted 2014-09-08 by Seafarrwidefollow

I've come to learn a few things about internet dating. So many profiles are false and can be likened to supermarket shopping - items displayed look wonderful and promise a myriad of things - you can end up with something you didn't really want anyway. You try something, decide you don't like it and tell yourself you won't buy that thing again.

Although semi-doubtful of a match with Mr Right, I had another try at internet dating. The guys in my preferred age group 40-60 years seemed to want a much younger good-looking lady despite not looking like movie stars themselves.

This doubtfulness could apply to them also. They could end up with a childless woman intent on her inner body clock and nabbing a man for a walk up the wedding aisle. In her damaged state of mind she might be a femme fatale capable of stalking them to earth's end and becoming a wild woman if they didn't text her back quick enough.

I wrote my profile saying I was looking for a fun guy who liked the simple things in life - was into wining, dining, talking and just chilling out. Most important I hoped he had grown children, like me - that were not a handful anymore.

With a few other things added the profile, it ended up transforming into a humorous account.

The replies started to roll in.


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