The Power of Relationships

The Power of Relationships

Posted 2014-01-15 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of Pixomar There is more power in that cherry than you realise. Make your love sweet, and do not put each other up on pedestals.

When it comes to the law of love in love based relationships, no book author explains it as simply as Rhonda Byrne does in her book called The Power.

The Power delves into other major life areas. This book is so magical, and to the point where all of the pages of my copy have fallen apart. The latter is equally true on the chapter to do with relationships.

The start of this chapter mentions that we must treat each and every human being with love and respect. This is true. If you don't love yourself and then another person, then how could they ever love you back?

You need to give love to your love based relationship. Period. Fault finding is not love. Give criticism to others, criticism will come back to you and ceteris paribus. Your partner is only human, and they're not perfect either.

There is no failure in life, only feedback. Therefore, if you're relationship is heading downhill - what's going on? People often perceive a relationship as either being good or not so good based on the other person/your partner. Remember, what you give to the relationship - you'll receive it back as a boomerang and then some more. The power of your thoughts in a love based relationship. In fact with absolutely everything.

Many couples in a marriage may fight. Simple things such as looking at a number of photos of your partner when you first met them will bring back some sparks back to that marriage. For many, this amplifies and brings back the love they have for their partner - someone of who they once despised not too long ago.

Gossip is sticky, and so is the law of love in love based relationships. They're powerful, and they're a reflection of you. Give yourself the freedom that being in love with a mate brings you.


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