Time for a Break

Time for a Break

Posted 2014-02-04 by Katiefollow

If you have ever had an argument with someone you know exactly how it feels. They are not fun. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't and sometimes no one wins and it just ends badly.

Some people think that it makes the relationship stronger. It makes sense to address concerns and bring up issues and sort through them. But silly little everyday arguments about nothing much, definitely do not in my opinion make a relationship stronger.

So what can you do if your relationship is lacking in some areas and arguing seems to play a huge part in it? I know if it were me I would take a break. And no, I don't mean from the relationship, get your partner and pack a bag and just drive. Head to a coastal town, or to the country, and just find a place and have a few days away. The best part of getting away from everyday life, is the only thing you have to argue about is which side of the bed you get to sleep on.

I'm not an expert at these things, and I would never claim to be. This is why I would like to tell you what I would do. I've just spent the day at the beach. When I have a day off and I spend it with a friend and we enjoy some really nice places I always like to take notes of these places so I can return there when I need an idea for a perfect date.

So whilst I'm no relationship expert, I do know a bit about a few great places to go.

Explore beautiful beaches and intimate dining places: a search online can find great little secluded spots where you can have some alone time.


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