Too Much Information

Too Much Information

Posted 2014-03-22 by Katiefollow

Too much information.

Often when I scroll my news feed on Facebook, there are a lot of posts on couples. And it's nice. Occasionally.

Nine out of ten times when I see a post like "I have the best boyfriend ever," I'm now thinking really? and do you?

And what about when people write things to their partners, and tag them in it. Things such as "Love you so much baby, can't wait until you get home."
Ok, so you live together, and you probably have each other's phone numbers, but you need to post this on Facebook?

Think twice before you post on Facebook. I think if you love someone and care about them, It's not the most romantic way to share it. I would much rather someone come home to me after work to hug me and say to me that I love you in a simple, unobtrusive manner. To see the look on their face when they see a big smile across my face as I return the favour and say it back to them is priceless. This simple emotive expression ensues because I really mean it. Why does that need to be on Facebook? So all the single people can feel like they are missing out? Think about what you're posting. Is it too much information? Sometimes less is more.

There is however an option now to un-follow friends on Facebook. It's a great thing. When you click on someone, it says friends,following and message. You just click following and un-follow. It's great for those awkward situations where you really want to delete someone but you can't.


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