Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Posted 2014-02-14 by Katiefollow
Will you be giving a rose on valentines day

Today I pose the question is Valentine's Day just another day? People are divided on this topic. Some people think that it is just another day, created by hallmark and the big companies to make more money. Others disagree and think that is a really special day and that it is to show your love and express how you feel. I think it gives us the chance to muster up courage and tell someone how we feel.

But what about the real story? The story I read was that valentines day was created by St Valentine. He was a roman priest who was around the time of the Emperor Claudius. At this time Claudius said that young unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, because married soldiers would worry about what might happen to their family if they were to die.

Emperor Claudius had an edict that prohibited the marriage of young people. St Valentine continued to marry young couples in the Christian church and he was eventually caught. What happened to him was not nice so we won't go there.

So what I have learnt from my research is that Valentine's Day is a sacred day. It started out not just as a day for the big companies to make money. But I can understand in this global financial crisis that we are in, why wouldn't the big companies want to cash in and make some extra cash off of this day?

Whatever it is you choose to do on Valentine's Day. Just enjoy it.


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