What To Eat On a Date

What To Eat On a Date

Posted 2014-03-20 by Katiefollow
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Ever been on a date and ordered something, and thought oh no I'm going to have garlic breath? With garlic and onions in most dishes, it is hard to find a meal that doesn't make your breath stink. However, there are foods you should definitely avoid...garlic or not.

When your on a date, (particularly a first date) you want to avoid certain foods. Foods such as ribs. Ribs are messy, and no matter how much you try, you just cannot eat ribs with a knife and fork. Best way to eat ribs are with your fingers, and you don't want rib sauce all over your face.

What about pasta? Pastas another one. It's slippery, and it can also be messy if you slop sauce all over your shirt. I know I can't eat pasta without making a mess.

And soup? I bet you're wondering about soup. Soup is ok. But just don't slurp. Slurping is not attractive.

If you've got good teeth, steak is a good idea. But if you haven't got good teeth, you don't want to be chewing for hours on one tiny piece of meat. You'll be there eating long after your date has left.

Salad is ok, but personally I never order it because I don't want my date to think I'm on a diet.

Winning suggestions for a first date dinner?

Risotto, chicken dishes and duck breast to name. Those are all good. Really just anything you can't slop all over your clothes and face. If it's too hard to decide, perhaps just make it a coffee and cake date. You can never go wrong with coffee and cake.


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