What Type of Wedding Do You Want

What Type of Wedding Do You Want

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Not all marriages are created equal, and therefore not all weddings are created equal. Case in point - think of Carrie and Big in the Sex and The City movie part 1.

Carrie literally got carried away when her Vogue editor Enid asked her to pose as a model. She fell in love with a Vivienne Westwood dress, and the impossible happened; the dress was delivered to her. Carrie suddenly attracted a wedding with record crowds to be set in one of New York's most finest libraries. Big felt insecure. Literally the wedding got bigger than big.

Expectations blew out of the window. All that Carrie and Big really wanted (deep down) was just me and you at City Hall - of which ended up happening at the end. Big was kind enough to invite Carrie's three friends (the girls) to the reception.

If expectations were clearer between this Sex and The City couple; Carrie would have had no need to buy back her apartment at a premium price and dye her hair brown; nor would have Big have to have sent a million love e-mails to Carrie (of which she blocked), as well as drinking red wine alone on New Years Eve.

There are certain cultures (think Big Fat Greek Wedding) where you have to go all out and dress up. The whole family has to turn up, while there are other couples who want a simple, private wedding on the beachside. Think about it, weddings are expensive. The amount that you choose to spend on your wedding depends on your priorities in life. Weddings generally cost around $40,000, although you may have seen some couples stretch it on a tight budget to $10,000 where the bride is running around doing all of the hard and dirty work.

$40,000 is generally a deposit on a house or investment property.

On this, what type of wedding do you really want? Be crystal clear so that vague results do not manifest. Good luck.


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