What We Wear Can Impact How We Feel

What We Wear Can Impact How We Feel

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Do you repeat this mantra daily,"I have nothing to wear." I'm sure at times we all feel a little lost in our closets and bored with our clothes. I feel this way each week when I go to work wearing the same old conservative clothing to match my equally bored expression as I run on my mouse's wheel of life's routine.

But what you wear can tell a story. It can hint at your type of employment and level, spending habits, personality and aspirations. What you wear can impact how people perceive you. It can make you feel more confident or able to hide something more sinister or negative about your character.

Choice of clothing can mean many things

  • To show social status
  • To show control and impress
  • To hide from the world
  • To express your personality
  • To gain attention
  • To avoid attention

  • For some it is sweatpants Monday every day and vanity isn't a factor they take into consideration when dressing. Good on them for not caring what others think. But for others clothing can mean a lot more. Some wish to out do their peers with Designer wear and logos to show social status but then again some can just afford it. I admit whenever I have succumbed to paying for Designer wear I do walk a little taller and think I'm a bit special at the time.

    At the end of the day there is no right or wrong style that will make you feel successful. Any style that shows you didn't think about the impact, no effort, is ill fitting or doesn't suit your body shape, age or situation will give a bad image regardless of the cost of the outfit.

    We are lucky that we live in a society where we can dress and express our individuality. Some of us may even encourage our children to make their own choices in clothes. Children dress up for fantasy and sometimes to feel more grown up where Adults dress up for fantasy too but often to feel younger and more carefree.

    I went to a Burlesque show once and my friends and I decided to go fancy dress. Putting on my outfit transformed me into a seductive hip swiveling mamma grinning ear to ear. Of course wearing a red satin corset, frilly petticoat and fishnet stockings with heels can have that effect on a person.

    So how about you think more about what you're wearing next time and see how it makes you feel. Dress up and have some fun.

    Don't dress how you feel at the time but dress how you want to feel!


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