You Dont Forget

You Dont Forget

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I drove Dad to a funeral for an elderly family member. We were standing about on the street after the service talking to those we hadn't seen for a while.

There was a woman I didn't know. She and Dad must have spied each other because she started walking toward us.

'That's my old girlfriend' Dad said. 'She might have been your Mother'

Dismissing the fact that this would have been impossible and knowing he meant that in a general sense, I was intrigued, amused and incredulous. I had not even considered Dad had had any kind of life before us (our family).

Introductions happened and niceties were exchanged.

They mused over the 50 plus years they had not seen each other for, telling each other of their lives, marriages and amount of children etc.

'I had the biggest crush on your Dad' she said. Goodbyes were offered and off she went.

'Its funny how you don't forget' he said.
'Don't tell your Mother'

'Well, when did you like each other?' I asked.
'I was about 15' he said.
'That was well before you and Mum. Why don't you want me to tell her?'

He shrugged.

'I just don't' he said.

I giggled because I'd never seen him awkward before. I'm pretty sure Mum would not have felt threatened but his shrug was enough for me. It was his business - in a time before us - when he was a kid. I left it there.


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