A Simple Prayer

A Simple Prayer

Posted 2014-01-28 by Jansie Yinfollow

Why all the fuss, why all the pain.
Can it not be laughter and rain?
Is it so hard? Must it really be?
Tears and heartache for all to see.

Created in his image, we all must be,
Pure and light, in essence just free.
We Shackle our knees, we hold fear so dear,
We bleed our very souls, blue blood as the sea.

Cinderella cast a spell,
Save us all from this hell.
Just till midnight, entice us all,
Then Mankind, will bare no fall.

Cry me tears of laughter,
Show me you care.
My words on this page,
Were not in vain to share.

My hands clasped together, my head bowed in prayer,
Forgive us dear Father, for we are not worthy of thee,
We know not what we do,
As they son once said unto thee.


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