Patching Up a Spat

Patching Up a Spat

Posted 2018-03-21 by Mina Keenanfollow

Minor verbal squirmishes can be pretty upsetting enough, and they can grow into fully fledged fallouts unless someone does something about it.

It is 'nice' (not the right word) seeing how some established couples have found ways to deal with their spats.

They have grown into ways of coping with differences of opinion.

One couple I know might not be talking to each other. One will be ready to talk and as they pass the other - will pat them (nicely) on the shoulder in a reassuring way. A pat back means all is forgiven/gone/got over.

A cuppa made by the 'offender' usually fixes it for me.

I've seen another couple - he asked her if she would like to go to dinner, she said yes but was still mad as anything and still wasn't talking to him. This made everyone laugh and broke the ice.

Dad used to say - what are we having for tea? Must be hot tongue and cold shoulder.

I suppose the common thread in each example is that one or other recognises how the other feels, acknowledges it, has empathy and respect.

It is not a matter of 'giving in'. Rather an exercise in communication - probably brought on by the desire to get rid of friction.

It's either that or falling around, crying and pleading sorry or stamping about yelling horrid things, with both sides regretting things later on.

My own belief is that everybody has to win sometimes and I tend to pick and choose what I'll squabble about.


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