Gifs Love And Play On Words

Gifs Love And Play On Words

Posted 2018-03-19 by Marie Vonowfollow
Adapted from Pixabay

While looking at Giphy I came across a number of gifs which are a play on words on the theme of love. Some were cute, others made me groan but they all made me smile.

You make my heart saur
If you have ever been in love you will know that special feeling when you see them. You feel excited, it may be a little difficult to breathe and your heart soars. You may even get the feeling when looking at a photo or just thinking about the object of your affection.

Courtesy of Giphy

I love you beary much
Teddy bears are so sweet and often feature on Valentine's day cards and merchandise marketed to those who wish to express their love.

Courtesy of Giphy

Owl you need is love
I am a fan of owls so this little play on words caught my eye. We have all heard the words, 'All you need is love'. Most people are familiar with the Beatles song of that name.

When someone is in the early stages of being in love they may believe all they need is to be with that person and the only thing they really need is love. Perhaps some people continue to feel that way even with the passing of time.

Courtesy of Giphy

Some bunny loves you
There are songs with the title, Somebody Loves You. Everyone needs to believe that they are loved by somebody.

Some bunny loves you Courtesy of Giphy

Even if a play on words is pretty obvious and perhaps a bit 'schmaltzy' it can still make you laugh and lighten up your day. If it is sent to you it may even make your 'heart saur'.

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