Hearts Of Love

Hearts Of Love

Posted 2014-01-25 by angelstarfollow

That word “love” is such a powerful yet confusing word at times. You may have a special bond of love with family and friends yet the love you may feel within yourself is very scarce sometimes.

We all know that love makes the world go round but how do make it go round and round again?

Sometimes it is hard to keep that light shining.

Things happen in life where certain situations and events cannot prepare us for the worst but we must learn to trust in that special word “love”. Love is an exciting ride in life., Having to go through the ups and the downs, is just all a part of being human.

Most people will go through the experience during their lifetime. Once you put your mind to it you can do anything when you allow love into your life.

Why deprive yourself of this wonderful emotion and experience?

It’s not what a person looks like or owns that keeps us in love with people, it’s their heart of love that inspires us and continues to move us forward to a comfortable stage in our lives.

If you think about it how many people could you honestly say you admire , trust and know your life is much better with them in it?

Well there is your answer………..

You love their spirit, friendship - their whole being.

Yes we have all been down that road of “heartache” but on looking back, try to see the reason why you experienced that pain. Every experience and emotion you have felt through the years can teach you something about love in some form or another.

It could have been a very small lesson or a gigantic one where sadly you had hit rock bottom. One way up is to get out there again and embrace a new love.

It can be hard to express love to people at times especially when you have been let down.

If that is you - try not to worry. You may learn to trust people again slowly ,then go forward.

Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Happy love hearts to you all.


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