Popcorn Love Internet Dating

Popcorn Love Internet Dating

Posted 2017-06-06 by Writer Zenafollow

Online dating is nothing but popcorn love. Short attention spans plague our digital age generation. Many of us find ourselves lacking the ability to maintain focus. It can become so easy to get bored or distracted. The ability to sit and read a novel can be a difficult task without wandering on to another activity. Students and professionals often try substances to counteract this issue. Signs of Ritalin addiction is a trending topic in many conversations. The same is true for relationships. Short attention spans is a problem for many daters.

There is one major critique of digital dating services. Digital dating apps allow daters to swipe left or right to determine if a person is right for them. In the past, users had the chance to glance at their potential mate’s biography before being influenced by their stunning good looks. Modern day sociologists study the science of love and relationships. Many believe in the old theories of facial symmetry, natural human attraction, and the game of the love. However, this can quickly become a game of “hot or not”.

Still, many Americans agree with the statement that people, women in particular, are usually "desperate" for love that frequent online dating apps. This may explain the confusion that some online daters face. The Mars versus Venus theory details the differences between men and women in the romantic social sphere. Largely the sexes are not that different from each other. Both hurt and love the same. Many men and women, especially women, use dating tools for finding potential marriage partners. Yet a few find themselves in confusing situations, not relationships. There are many cautionary tales of online dating from many people out here. Could it be just the tries and trials of the average dating experience? Maybe.

Americans are more open to the concept of online dating in recent years. However, adhering to the promise of meeting a date in person still nerve wrecking. A person is encouraged to bite the bullet and just meet at a safe location. Sociologists understand that this new generation of daters lacks the focus to stick with one thing. Americans’ ‘on to the next thing’ nature is a real thing that leads to unhealthy substance use resulting in signs of Ritalin addiction . (Not related to the actual ADHD health concern of course). Sociologists probably would advise settling down after a few recommendations. Choose the best of the compatibility matches. Don’t keep swiping. Go on real dates to get know them in person, not through texting or instant messages.

Dating experts claims that this is counterproductive to wait too long to met a date in person. Strictly texting relationships without actually meeting creates unrealistic perceptions of the person. Research states that from their studies on online dating that waiting too long to meet in person is “harmful for daters” . So, it is best not to jump too much from profile to profile, like popcorn. Stick to a few swipes and actual meet up with a potential mate.

One upside to online dating is the vast opportunities to meet someone whom would otherwise pass you by. The purpose of these dating apps and digital technology is to offer convenience. More and more adults are living their lives in the internet stratosphere. Technology advancements in virtual reality environments and compatibility algorithms in the future will make online dating easier to trust. More research from Psychology Today indicates “that about 1 in 5 relationships begin online nowadays. It’s estimated that by 2040, 70% of us will have met our significant other online.” So, it is safe to say that Cupid and Tinder are here to stay for awhile.


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