Action Verses Words

Action Verses Words

Posted 2014-11-08 by Sandyboyfollow
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In the few relationships I have been in, there has always come a point in the relationship. Where she wants me to express my feelings to her through words.

Here are three reasons, why I dislike telling her the way I feel, through words.

Firstly, it has always irritated me, that everything I say comes off sounding like a bad cliche'. I hate cliches'. Mainly because, I don't want the same relationship that other people have. I want all my relationships to be unique ,and special.

Secondly, words are just words. How can saying something prove your love? You can say "I love you" anytime, and not mean it. You never know if their lying to you, for ulterior reasons?

Lastly, it does tend to annoy me, that they don't already know, how I feel? I have always thought it would be obvious, because of the way I speak to her, the way I always prefer to sit near her, the way I enjoy every moment with her, and the way we look at each other.

For some reason I just assume, the way I feel would be obvious through the actions I take every single day I am with her.

In my opinion, it's better to show her how I feel, through the actions I take. Such as being affectionate, listening to her or simply being by her side.

"Men are men, vows are words, and words are wind"
George R.R Martin


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