Dont Let Daily Stress Ruin Your Relationship

Dont Let Daily Stress Ruin Your Relationship

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Realistic Meaning of Relationships
"People who need people, are the luckiest people in the world" Those iconic words from one the most acclaimed musicals are right. We all have that one friend that is never without a mate. Or a friend that enjoys the single life. Since the beginning of time, we have flourished in communities, families, and packs. We carry our own compass of what drives us to continue on with a romantic relationship. Yet, the romantic relationships we share is always a popular topic, sometimes even among our family and friends. Personality, childhood experiences, values, and other relationships can influence a person’s behavior. It is hard to pinpoint what motivates a person to stay or leave a relationship behind.

Doctors who study love and relationships have discovered a magic hormone that can explain why we bond with our partner. In fact, dual diagnosis treatment centers in California in retreat communities have understood the power of human bond hormones from group activities. Oxytocin Triggers the Release of Serotonin in which has a domino effect on how we relate to others and handle stress. Stress and relationships are a cycle. When we are in healthy relationships, it helps to relieve stress. But conversely, stressful lifestyles can be counterproductive to maintaining healthy relationships with our partners and inner circles.

What is the Meaning of Stress
Stress can manifest itself in many forms, but anxiety and stress can be beneficial. Fight or flight mode will always be needed to protect us from potential or real dangers. And sometimes, stress gets us to move forward with our productivity. However, too much stress can become harmful. The American Psychological Association and the " Stress in American 2017 " publication describes stress symptoms as the feeling of being overwhelmed, or experiencing anxiety, unhappiness, despair. This can lead to lowered immunity systems, as well as irritability, anger, and physical pain, such as headaches. Long term health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke or diabetes can arise after a prolonged lifestyle of stress. Our health is impacted by external and internal factors. A partner living a fast paced schedule may neglect their health by consuming unhealthy meals, or they might not take the time to have fun, or have poor sleep hygiene.

What Is Stress Management
If you or your partner is suffering in silence from a busy schedule, or worries about everyday responsibilities, try easing their nerves with some simple ideas. Encourage them to get more rest, whether it is more cat naps, or a longer, peaceful night of sleep. The benefits of enough sleep are often underestimated. It is a fact that chronic insomnia can even be fatal in some cases. Mood, cognitive, and health changes are the far less extreme side of the scale for sleep deprivation. Dual diagnosis treatment centers, California located and worldwide, institutes have sleep therapists to help patients that suffer from sleep disorders that affect their health and relationships. Try to help out with minor tasks. Picking up clothes from the dry cleaners, changing the dog's water, or helping to make the bed in the morning can take one worry off their mind. Stress management is ultimately the key to a higher quality of life and relationships. It can be as simple as a breathing exercise recommended by Dr. David Delvin, a popular UK physician.

He notes: “People who are under pressure, tend to breathe too fast and too shallowly. This washes a lot of carbon dioxide out of the body and makes them feel seriously unwell

Try the breathing exercise below

Quick 7/11 Breathing Exercise
Several times a day, make a conscious effort to concentrate on your breathing.
Breathe in slowly, counting up to 7 as you do so.
Continue to breathe slowly, and count up to 11.
Do this for five minutes. You'll only be able to manage about 20 breaths in that time, and this will slow down how you breathe.
Repeat several times a day, noting how calm this type of breathing helps you feel.


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