Gifs And Saying I Love You

Gifs And Saying I Love You

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What's the best way to let someone know you love them? Everyone has their own response to this dilemma. Do you hope the other person will just work it out from the things you do or the hints you drop? Do you show them through a gesture? Do you say the words, 'I love you'? Is it better to write the words? What method should you use to communicate how you are feeling?

A gesture
One meaning of gesture is 'an action performed to convey a feeling or intention' (Oxford Dictionaries).

A gesture intended to show you love someone could be -
  • giving a bunch of flowers, especially red roses
  • giving a heart shaped gift or a present in a heart shaped box
  • decorating something with hearts
  • cake, biscuits, pizza or other food in the shape of a heart

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    Saying 'I love you' out loud
    If you look someone in the eye and say, 'I love you,' it is pretty obvious what you mean.

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    Writing 'I love you'
    Handing over a piece of paper with those three little words in person lets the object of your love know how you feel. Writing the words in the sand shows you are spontaneous. Arranging for the words to be written in the sky suggests you have money as well as imagination.

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    Posting a letter or card
    These days snail mail is not as common as in the past. However, it is as effective a way of communicating love as ever and there are some beautiful cards around, some with an emotional verse.

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    Sending a text message
    These days it is common to express yourself in an email or text message or through Messenger on Facebook. E-cards get to the recipient much quicker than something sent through the postal system, as long as the person checks their email every day. A giphy might communicate heartfelt love. Some people feel electronic communication is somewhat impersonal but others find it a convenient way to communicate. Some people feel the important thing is the words, not the method used to convey them.

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    There are many ways to tell someone you love them. The method you choose will depend on your personality and that of the person you want to communicate with.


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