Give Me a Real Girl

Give Me a Real Girl

Posted 2014-01-18 by Sandyboyfollow
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Give me a girl that laughs for real, when something is funny.

Give me a girl who gives encouragement, not fake compliments to increase my ego.

Give me a girl, who doesn't wear makeup to cover up her face.

Who doesn't dye her hair a different color or wear high heels.

That doesn't want plastic surgery or wear a push up bra.

Who is direct and honest.

Who doesn't lie about her past or leave bits out.

Give me a real girl.

Sometimes we think there is no one out there for us. We are lonely or wanting to be like our peers. We see the 'happy' couples, and wish a similar relationship for ourselves.

We have a few 'dud' romances and decide its all the other person's fault. They're terrible because I loved them and they didn't love me back.

Maybe its a 'growing' thing. Maybe we can learn from these relationships. How did I end up with them anyway?

Time to shift tack and look at myself:

  • Why am I attracted to someone who hurts me?
  • Is there anything I did encourage bad treatment?

  • Time to shift tack and think a different way.

  • Their loss - the 'real' one's gain (who I'm yet to meet).
  • Good thing to find out sooner than later that someone is lying or has fake arms.
  • Don't want to waste my love on someone that doesn't appreciate it.

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