How Your City Could Be Making You Single

How Your City Could Be Making You Single

Posted 2014-01-09 by Rachiefollow
Single in New York, New York Wonder why...

Recently I was fortunate enough to visit the bustling, busy and fantastically over-crowded city of New York. While I was there, I learned a startling fact: New York is the hardest place to meet people.

Now I can’t remember where I learned this fact, nor if the source was exactly credible (probably from some drunkard in a bar); but I was disturbed to discover that almost every couple I came across had met online. In fact according to Forbes, New York has the highest number of couples who met online out of all the cities in America. This is not to say that I am against online dating; in fact I think it can be a great way to meet people and I might write an article on it. However, how could it be so difficult to meet people in New York? This then got me thinking. Could your city be making you single?

It is a common observation that people are a lot friendlier in towns, and one study at the University of California, Irvine found that when the population decreases by 10 percent, you are 10 percent more likely to have a conversation with your neighbour once a week, and the likelihood of hobby participation increases by 15%.

This means people in our cities are lacking opportunities to meet people, which makes no sense, because there are so many things to do in a city. Instead, the overwhelming amount of opportunities are limiting us from trying new things, because we just can’t decide on what to do. People who live in countries are more likely to participate in hobbies because they are more likely to embrace new things.

Another factor is in cities like New York, not many people own or drive cars. This means that nobody is picking up people for dates, and the commute to one side to the other on trains can get tiresome.

Something needs to change, in places where opportunities are literally at your doorstep and people are not taking them simply because they don’t feel like it is ridiculous. You won’t find that special somebody sitting on that little behind will you. It’s not that damn difficult to catch a train.

Cities seem to be isolating people more than places in isolation are isolating people.

So sign me up for Farmer Wants a Wife, and I will pack up and move to the country tomorrow.

Just kidding. I love cities too much.


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