I met a Conman on the Internet Part 2 True Story

I met a Conman on the Internet Part 2 True Story

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Well, the fact that Steven sounded like a well to do man and Rose didn't want to sound like a poorly single mother she decided to disclose that her father actually owned a Resort in the Whitsundays that kept him rather busy though he lived in Sydney and had a manager look after it for him.

'Wow, that sounds amazing, lucky you! Do you go up there often?' asked Steven with a keen interest now unmistakably gleaming in his eyes.

Yes, occasionally I do. It is a stunning place to go for a holiday' answered Rose with her nose held slightly higher feeling a bit posh. Little did he know that she herself had no wealth, just enough money to get by on each week with a little left over each year for a holiday which she predominantly took at the resort. Otherwise, she herself couldn't afford that type of holiday.

The conversation continued at a lively pace with animated banter and laughter between them. The hour was closing to an end as Steven mentioned he had to go. He had TV technicians arriving any moment at his home. He had just moved into a rental house in Sydney's North Shore. They shook hands and decided to see each other again soon.

Rose walked off smiling to herself but a slight negative thought was niggling at the back of her mind. If he was involved in 4 businesses and had 4 kids that lived with him every second week, how on earth could he manage all that and want a girlfriend too. She shrugged her shoulders and silently said to herself stop being so negative Rose, give the guy a chance. He wasn't bad at all, in fact, she couldn't believe what a lovely man he appeared to be. She was very excited and couldn't wait to tell her girlfriend Julie all about it that afternoon. Within an hour Steven started texting how happy he was to meet her and made several complimentary remarks. He wanted to meet for lunch the next day at a beachfront cafe. They met for their second date and had several more after that.

He texted her several times a day and emailed rather long emails regarding his credentials. Rose thought this slightly odd but he wrote that he wanted to reassure her he was a normal decent guy that could be relied on. Rose did think it was a bit intense and a slight sense of unease tickled the back of her mind. Of course, you rarely take notice of your intuition early on when meeting someone. It's always after events, that you say to yourself yes I remember that moment when things just didn't feel right. Rose brushed way her negative thoughts and continued to see him.

After a week an incident occurred due to Rose's bad back, she had to go to a clinic for a spinal injection. Steven happened to phone that morning asking to see her so Rose had to tell him her situation and that her father was taking her to a clinic in the local suburb for treatment. While waiting on the bed for her CT guided injection, the nurse announced a man was asking to see her and his name was Steven. 'Oh my god!! I can't let him see me like this! I only just met the guy last week, this is so unexpected but okay I suppose you must let him in to see me.' Rose sighed with a nervous smile.

'Don't worry you look fine, really' the nurse said reassuringly with a smile and a laugh.

So in came Steven all dressed in a suit looking very much the Banker/ Lawyer. Rose smiled even though her faced was pale with pain.

'How are you? I know that's a stupid question and I'm sorry to give you such a shock by turning up but I had to see if you were okay' Steven said with a worried look. Introductions were made and her father was very impressed that this busy man had taken the day off work to offer his assistance.

In the past, Rose would never have introduced anyone to her father that she had just met. In fact, she would have had to be in a relationship at least 6 months before even contemplating arranging a meeting. This had been due to the fact that in the past, she hadn't chosen her dates well. They often ended up being total lying players which became quite embarrassing. Her father's approval meant everything to her.

The following week Steven dined and wined Rose. Then on the Sunday evening, Steven looked slightly uncomfortable. He had a pensive look about him. Rose couldn't help but ask, 'Is everything okay, you seem to be miles away right now?'

'Well I didn't want to say anything but I need to move out of the house I rented 3 weeks ago by this coming Wednesday. I have so much work on and I'm not sure what to do. I don't even have time to find a place or organise a removalist'. Steven admitted with a worried look.

'Why do you need to move in such a hurry?' Rose asked.

The house has several issues that haven't been fixed by the agent. If I don't move by this Wednesday, I would be up for another month's rent at $1,500 a week' Steven replied in exasperation.

'Oh my god why didn't you say! I have taken up your time all weekend when this should have been your priority! I'm so sorry if only I had known I could have helped in some way? Hold on, my daughter's boyfriend Kaz has a removalist business. He has a big truck maybe if you give him a call he might be able to do it at short notice. At least he might do it just to just get in the good books with me' Rose said with a hopeful look and a laugh.

The move was arranged. Rose also happened to have an appointment in the city that very day, so afterwards she decided to drop by Steven's rental house and see how the move was progressing. She parked in front. As Rose was walking in her daughter's boyfriend and a mate came striding out with some boxes. 'Rose what the hell have you done meeting this guy? The police were just here. They said that Steven hadn't paid the rent and are going to seize his possessions' said Kaz with a frown.

'What! I must talk to Steven and find out what's going on' said Rose with horror.

'Yes please do because I want to get paid, he owes me $2,000 for this move and storage too' replied Kaz with a look of disgust.

'Of course, you will get paid. I'm sure he has a good explanation for this' Rose rushed in and found Steven on the phone. She didn't want to appear nosey, so she went into the kitchen and could see what an absolute mess and shambles the whole place was in. So much stuff and hardly anything packed. There were boxes everywhere with odds and ends that hadn't been unpacked since Steven had moved in 3 weeks prior. A wave of uncertainty and suspicion settled over her. Rose could even feel the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. This all seemed so very dramatic and they had only just met...

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