JumpStart Your Love Life 11 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

JumpStart Your Love Life 11 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Posted 2016-07-23 by evelyfollow

Is your relationship lacking the kind of excitement it once had? Does the sexy nightdress your wife used to wear every night lie hidden in the drawer for weeks? Is the massage oil lying dusted in the medicine cabinet? Well, every relationship needs an energy-boost to bring the excitement back.

Take the first step to re-ignite the spark in your relationship by sorting out your Top relationship killers . If you are looking for simple but effective ways to strengthen your love life, here are 11 romantic ideas you can try.

Set a date night

A date night can be a great stress-buster and relationship-motivator for couples. So why not commit taking your spouse out at least once a month? Come on! It doesn’t have to be an expensive outing – all you need to do is spend some quality time together.

Write a love letter

Probably, the love note that you received years back is one of the first things you’ll remember when you recall the golden days of your relationship. Well, they aren’t just for the young age. And, they aren’t just for Valentine’s Day either. Write a romantic love note in whatever way you wish to – it can be romantic, sweet, sexy, or futuristic. Don’t present it to her. Leave it on the bed or on the bathroom mirror and wait for her to come back and read the note. The expression is going to be priceless.

Learn something interesting for the bedroom

One of the best ways to re-ignite the interest in your sex life is to learn and try something new for the bedroom. Grab a book on Kama Sutra or learn yoga for better sex. Look up the web and read sex position guides to try something new in the bedroom.

Pick up a new hobby

Developing a new hobby means you both have something new to talk about. Enroll in a dance class, join a swimming class, or attend a cooking course. But whatever the activity may be, make sure you do it together.

Photo albums and scrapbooks

Sometimes, it’s good to revisit the best days of your relationship so that you get some spark as to how you can recreate the golden moment now. Pull out your old photo albums and recall the places and incidents behind your favorite snaps. If you wish to try something different, try making a scrapbook. Of course, you can create albums online but nothing beats the power of a book-type scrapbook. Pull out all your old photo albums and make a new collection of photos from your wedding, birthday celebration, honeymoon vacation, and anything that is close to your heart from the past.

Changes in your bedroom

There could be things that you’re bored of in the bedroom. May be, you don’t like the outdated look of your bedroom itself. Why not use the weekend to shuffle or change furniture or even set up a mini aquarium to turn your stress-filled, happiness-draining bedroom into a calm and peaceful place. A bit of change helps improve your mood and interest to a significant level, and ultimately bring the lost excitement back in your relationship.

Schedule sex

When you are trying to balance your time between work, kids, meetings, and other commitments, it can be easy to find an excuse to skip regular sex. But, it’s not something to be ignored if you want to give wings to your relationship. Make it a point to schedule sex on a convenience date. No matter what, do your best to meet your sex appointments. To get the excitement up, avoid practicing the same, boring moments. Instead, try something different – you can read related books or may be, come up with your own ideas to surprise your wife on bed.

Stay fit and healthy

Can there be any resolution list without health and fitness? Absolutely not. Being sexy, beautiful, and younger is good for you and your relationship. Don’t commit to losing 30 lbs. in three months, commit to staying fit and healthy. Make sure you and your spouse sneak in at least 30 minutes of workout time every day. Simple exercises like walking, cycling, and badminton can help cut extra calories and keep you in great shape and health. Without a doubt, better body and health leads to better sex life too!

Plan weekend getaways

Spending time in the nature is one of the best ways to refresh your mind and relieve yourself from the daily stress that you’re going through at work and home. Use the Sundays to plan weekend getaways with your spouse to any of the beaches, mountains, or resorts you had wanted to go for a very long time.

Discuss future plans

Okay enough of romance. Now, it’s time to discuss ambitions and future plans. There might be things that you want to accomplish in life personally and there might be things that you want to achieve with your partner’s help. Discuss your goals and figure out how you can create a beautiful future for yourselves and your kids. Future plans could also include going on a family vacation to beautiful places like the Bahamas or Bali.

Help her out

No woman will dislike it if someone does something nice for her. Use your free time at home to help your wife with cooking, washing, packing, and cleaning. These are the simple little things that can make a big difference in your love life. Have a great time. Cheers!


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