Medieval Courtly Love

Medieval Courtly Love

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There is much about history that isn't practical or useful in this modern era, nonetheless there are a few good lessons that have been forgotten over the ages.

• No one can be bound by a double love ( Loving two people)

• Love will always increase and decrease (At times relationships will be difficult and at times easy)

• Boys cannot love until they reach the age of maturity (There's infatuation and then there is love)

• It is not proper to love a woman, if you have no intention of marriage ( No point stalling, if you have found what you seek)

• A true lover does not desire anyone else besides her beloved

• Love rarely endures public attention ( If it's a new relationship, keep it to yourself for awhile till your sure it can handle the attention from family and friends)

• A man in love is always apprehensive ( Due to fear of losing them)

• Thoughts of love often causes men and women to lose sleep (When you dream of them and think of them all the time ; that's when you know your in love).

• A true lover considers nothing except for what will please her beloved. ( If your first thought, is that this will make your partner happy that's a sign of love)

• If love diminishes, it quickly fails and rarely revives.

• Love can deny nothing to love.


There are so many parts of history that have been lost over time. Mostly due to it being outdated, but there are still many areas that have worked for hundreds of the years. I think it would be nice to see women being respected and in turn respecting themselves.


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