Meeting At The Gym

Meeting At The Gym

Posted 2014-09-10 by Seafarrwidefollow

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So the other day I'm at the Gym doing my usual workout and in walks Mr Handsome. I have been eyeing him off now for probably 10 years. We have always given each other a passing smile but nothing more. This day Mr George Clooney look a like actually decides to speak.

"Hi there, I know we have seen eachother for years now but I happened to see your profile on RSVP dating site. Was that really you?" he says with a chuckle.

"Oh yes haha it was me I thought I saw you too". I replied with my face turning crimson. I'm not sure why when Internet dating has been around now for over 15 years that you still feel embarrassed to be caught doing it. I asked him how he was finding it. He went on to say it was overwhelming, so many women but most aren't anything like there photographs.

My Hint

I was trying to continue exercising while looking pretty " Hey there is so many women single in Sydney I don't know why you bother with Internet dating, you could always ask them out at the gym? *wink wink*

Then boom

"Hey next time you are on RSVP send me a virtual kiss then" replied Simon while continuing his sit ups.

"Well hey when and if you ever get tired of internet dating you could easily try the old fashioned way and take my phone number now" I replied with a laugh and a look of disbelief.

"Oh yes I could.. I will put it into my phone" he replied. Now the red faced one.

We made some more small talk and that was it. I walked off thinking what has the world come to.


No doubt he is probably home furiously typing. As the saying goes...

Just because you can pick up a dumbbell at the Gym it doesn't mean you have to date him

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