Moving In With Your Partner

Posted 2014-01-29 by Bridgetfollow
Even though I’m only 24 years old, I’ve already lived with two boyfriends. My current one, which I’ve lived with for the past year, and before that, I spent four years living with my teenage sweetheart.

There are definitely a big set of Pros and Cons that go along with moving in with your partner. You have to weigh them all before you make the move. Before I moved out of a share house and in with my boyfriend last year, I made a Pros and Cons list, and it ended up being pivotal in making the decision. Without weighing up certain facts such as how much money I would save versus how I may lose a big chunk of my personal time; I could have made the wrong choice. I totally don’t regret the choice that I made though, and am very happy to have a little less personal time and a little more us time.

Of course, not everyone may be ready to move out and share one’s space with someone else. It really is all about sharing because once you’ve made a home together, you have to look at everything differently. Your meals will be shared, as well as your bookshelves; your DVD’s; your bed sheets; your bathroom (the list goes on and on)...quite literally everything that was yours will become ours.

That may come as a shock to some people. It sure did shock me when I was 18 years old and was used to sleeping alone every night, hanging out with whomever I wanted at any time or the day or night, and eating a tub of ice cream in bed wearing only a big t-shirt. These sorts of things may change or get challenged and either rejected or accepted in the new lifestyle.

If you’re not sure about what to do, that’s ok. Take time to think about it, and don’t make the decision quickly. When I was a teenager I definitely did not think about my decision and ended up in a few awkward and difficult situations. Now that I’m doing it all over again and took some time to think about the decision; I am much more confident that I won’t, at least, make the same mistakes I did a few years ago. Here’s hoping that there aren’t too many more mistakes that I need to learn from.

What I learnt:

- Before making this big life decision, take at least a few weeks to mull over the consequences that will come of it.

- Make a list of Pros and Cons

- Try a trial run. Move in together for a few weeks if you can and see how that goes.

- If things aren’t working whilst living together, that’s ok; take a step back and try again in a few months.


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