My First Girlfriend

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My first girlfriend was a short cute girl I had known for a really long time. We had been hanging out together at University for years, and would stay up late at night talking to each other on MSN.

The best times we had ever had together, was when we were arguing over some trivial point. We talked about everything together and had a lot of fun together.

Then she started talking about marriage; about getting an apartment, and the types of jobs I should be looking at. It was then that things between us began to get a little tiresome and boring. Instead of enjoying life as it was right now, she would look so far into the future and not enjoy what we had.

At first I didn't mind it, but later on when all we talked about was work or family life, I realised we had nothing left to talk about. After that things between us sort of died off.

Looking Back:

  • I realise part of the blame was mine, because back then I didn't want to think about the future, of which was one of my biggest mistakes. Even though I was worried about the future, I should have been willing to plan it out at least instead of wandering along aimlessly.

  • Be open-minded. Talk through expectations with your partner and ensure both values are mewt.

  • Things take time. Build things up step by step. Rome was not built in a day.

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