My Partner is Addicted What Should I Do

My Partner is Addicted What Should I Do

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Love can come and go unexpectedly. Some couples lose interest in each other. While there major disturbances interrupt their relationship. Love is surely complicated. Love can become even more complicated when you are in a relationship with someone who is suffering from a complicated illness. Substance abuse and addiction is of a completely different world. Loving someone with a substance abuse problem can be a scary and difficult experience.

Substance abuse addiction is one major disturbance that can cause chaos in a once stable relationship. It is no secret that substance abuse and addiction can alter a person’s personality and lifestyle. The man or woman you once knew may seem like a stranger. Yet you know that the person you grew to love is still there. It is difficult for many people to walk away from a partner that is addicted, but should you?

What should you do if you discover that your partner is addicted to alcohol or drugs?

Alcohol and drugs can turn a person you know and love into someone completely different. There are countless love stories that turn into tragic love stories because of an addiction. Ask any person attending a rehab for substance abuse addiction if they lost a loving relationship because of their addiction, you may be surprised how many of those people would say yes. You will find that many people that were abandoned by loved ones or are still being supported by their partner. There is no wrong or right answer to whether it is a good to remain with a partner that is addicted. For those who chose to stay there is one important thing to remember. One of the most important keys to any relationship is open and honest communication.

The 1st step when your partner is addicted to drugs or alcohol is to acknowledge the problem. It is not easy to face addiction. But living in the dark only feeds the monster. Substance abuse and addiction is not a personality defect that can be loved away when it is not addressed you may be unintentionally enabling your loved one to continue down their destructive path. Addiction is a health condition that needs medical attention and constant care after rehab in order for the person to effectively recover, support from loved ones plays a major role as well. Just as you would drive your partner to the nearest emergency room for a broken limb, you should be the first person willing to help your loved one get into treatment. A sense of emergency must be used when a partner is struggling with addiction.

How do you start a conversation about a topic so personal with the one you love?

Some of the main stressors of adult life are those tough conversations and decision making. Address the problem either one-on-one or using a group intervention with their family and friends. A group intervention includes individuals that the person will mostly love and respect. Consider the factors involved in your own personal situation of how to address your spouse's addiction. An interventionist to facilitate the intervention process is often a good idea for most cases but is not always necessary, sometimes an intervention with friends and family is not needed at all. Sometimes a one on one conversation with your partner is all it takes to get them into treatment.

People who struggle with substance abuse and addiction are sometimes in denial that they are in need of serious help. Addiction is acknowledged by medical professionals as a disease. An interventionist is equipped to properly communication the real dangers of continuing living with a substance abuse addiction. There are often opportunities to receive immediate support from a local rehab or even a California rehab if you and your partner lives far away in New York.

What To Do If Your Partner Goes Away To Rehab?

Being away from a loved one while they are in treatment can be nerve racking, sometimes it is the longest time you and your partner are separated. This does not have to be a bad thing. Take the time to educate yourself on what you can do as their partner. There are support groups for loved ones of addicts where you can gain insight from others who have been in your shoes. Being in a relationship with a partner who is struggling with an addiction can be cumbersome but still possible to save.


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