My Riddle

My Riddle

Posted 2015-03-15 by Sandyboyfollow
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The packaging can on occasion be fragile

Has the potential to emanate warmth and comfort

Provides plenty of support, for all needs

Has a distinctive scent that lingers in the nostrils

Works better than a calendar

Has the ability to mould you, so you perform tasks at higher rate

Inflames dreams with vivid thoughts and visions

Boosts your mental capabilities

And it can be quite addictive

What am I?

- You know I never truly understood that saying about "distance making the heart grow fonder" how could you love someone more when their not there beside you?

-Now I sort of know why, it's because we as humans have been given the gift of remembering. In my mind I can replay each and every happy moment in my life; and it's that dawning realization of happiness that is 'gone for now' that keeps you strong and fills you with hope.


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