Places to Consider for Your Honeymoon

Places to Consider for Your Honeymoon

Posted 2014-03-29 by Rachiefollow
When considering your honeymoon there are a variety of things to consider.

Firstly budget. After the stress of the dress, the venue, the flowers and all that fantastic grog, you may find yourself feeling less likely to want to spend too much on your special holiday.

Why not try somewhere in Asia?

Thailand: With a rich culture and beautiful surroundings Thailand has recently become the traveller’s destination for people who are not look to spend a lot of money. For the cheaper places in Thailand, avoid touristy areas that are likely to rip you off. Northern Thai towns and smaller islands like Koh Tao are less touristy and more affordable, while very touristy places like Koh Phi Phi are a disappointingly getting more and more expensive as popularity increases. Also try to avoid high peak season in January where locals are beginning to seek vulnerable tourists for some dough.

Bali: Offering some fantastic budget packages and cheap flights, Bali can often times be the holiday destination of choice for Westerners. But be aware that trying to escape the he swarm of Western people may prove to be challenging.

Asia Tip: When shopping in markets, prepare by bringing a large bag for your goods. Stores give out different coloured plastic bags to correspond with how good people are at bartering. If you are bad at bartering, the colour of your bag will let other sellers know and they will over charge you.

If you two are more wild and adventurous, why not consider Africa?

Douz, Tunisia: Also known as ‘The Gateway to the Sahara’ offers both a relaxing and romantic atmosphere between the dunes as well as an opportunity to view the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel.

Or South America?

Costa Rica: If the desert heat doesn’t appeal to you, the cool tropical rainforests in Costa Rica may be more your thing. This surprisingly very first seeming nation has a variety of exotic animals and exotic treks that you and your partner can be a part of, from white water rafting to many different zip lining adventures all through the jungles where Jurassic Park was filmed. If that still is not enough for you why not jump the boarder to Nicaragua? It is the only place in the world where you can volcano board.

If you are really seeking traditional romance then there is no escaping Venice.

Venice, Italy: Could this old beautiful city be the remedy to your romantic cravings. The majestic lights, the winding canals, the cuddles on the gondolas! Too cliché? Never! Venice does however seem to attract many people over the summer and the dirty canal rivers do no favours to the nose. If you really want a romantic honeymoon in Venice, I recommend going in winter time when the city is almost abandoned and the cold haunting mist adds a touch of beauty along the canals. A perfect time to cuddle and fall in love with authentic Italy.

Before you leave for your honeymoon consider three important factors. What is your budget? What time of year are you going? And what sort of environment reminds you of the word Romance?


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