Rekindle Your Relationship Part 2 His Surprises

Rekindle Your Relationship Part 2 His Surprises

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After a few sessions at Couple's counselling our Counsellor suggested we each make a promise to organise three special surprises for our partner to help rekindle the relationship. We must do it within six weeks.

His three surprises to rekindle the relationship

  • A Hotel room at the Sheraton On The Park along with all the Sheraton Executive Club benefits.

  • A picnic gazing out at the Harbour. We used battery operated candles and a big blanket to snuggle on. It was fun we giggled like teenagers. We promised not to talk about the children.

  • He cooked me dinner. Table set with candles and music. Followed by a massage.

  • After telling our counsellor about our 6 date nights. see Her 3 Surprise dates We both laughed and realized how much effort was involved to keep our own relationship alive and in some ways money was also an element. However we also realized how important it is to keep making the effort with little things that didn't cost much too.

  • Such as letting your partner sleep in or making them a cup of coffee and newspapers in bed while one takes over the morning parenting role.

  • Giving a partner a break to do their own thing whatever that might be whether it's just relaxing at home watching their own TV program or reading a book. If parents, then one parent takes the children out to let the other relax.

  • Taking turns to just listen to your partner about their day without making any judgement or advice unless they really ask.

  • Keeping open communication and trying not to nit pick and blame the other constantly for things you think they haven't or should be doing.

  • Most importantly to notice even small things we take for granted each day that the other person might do and thank them.

  • Give praise and compliments. Women will laugh but many say Men are like Dogs, if you tell them what to do, praise them and give them treats they will keep trying to please. Ha ha okay maybe not all the time.

  • Men too must remember to praise their partner. A funny male friend of mine at the office always gave women compliments on their shoes even though I'm sure he didn't care in the slightest what shoes they had on. It worked, all the women thought he was such a lovely man.

  • I could go on and on but I'm sure we are all fully aware of how we can get into a rut and forget the art of romance.

    Why not try some surprises for your loved one soon and keep the romance alive

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