Smile Again Moving On From Toxic Friends

Smile Again Moving On From Toxic Friends

Posted 2017-05-17 by Writer Zenafollow

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind " ---The Buddha

The psyche can be built with red bricks or thin glass. The power of the mind depends upon on a lot of factors, and one factor is the company that a person keeps. If a person has a weak psyche, a toxic environment can make it even more fragile. When we create bonds with people who we consider friends, certain walls are meant to come down. Vulnerability is a quality inside of all of us. A toxic friend masquerading as our companion can be worse than a known enemy.

Friendship is even more defining than family kinship. A family is bonded by blood. Family may feel an obligation to visit a sick relative at a dual diagnosis rehab center. Friends are acquired through what you may call kindred spirits. We have all instantly felt comfortable with a person that we never met before, a stranger that isn’t a stranger. “Kindred spirits are individuals that resonate at the same level, or frequency, as us.”You finish each other's sentences and know what they are thinking without them saying a word. Friendship is a bond that is special. It is the fabric the holds other valuable relationships together like marriage, a parent’s relationship with their children, or the bonds between sisters.

"Researchers suggest social relationships are the reason women live longer than men. Social bonds reduce the risk of disease.”Yet, having a close toxic friend by yourself is equally harmful to your health. So, what is a toxic friend? A friend that brings suffering into your life instead of peace of mind.

Emotional scars can develop when we're wounded by someone we considered a dear friend. You may have shared personal thoughts, life milestones or experiences that will remain forever in your memory. The constant playback of the times they shared with you may not instantly go away once they are gone. This can be especially traumatic if they hurt you in kind of way. Different forms of addictions are sometimes an umbrella for rain, or storms that have come to pass. Dual diagnosis rehab is often used for substance abusers who have experienced emotional turmoil and trauma. Most do not know that many addictions are spearheaded from when we've been damaged. Scars can be unsightly. Yet, they are a protective wall for healing. The same protection can be built for your mind.


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