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Studies have always shown that people react more to what a person says, than to how they act. I have always felt that to be weird and awfully foolish. Hearing someone tell you that "they are in love with you” can often be faked, but a smile can tell it all.

Smiles have the ability to convey a depth of emotion that words can never express. In the few relationships I have been in, I have found that the women that I am with generally smile a lot more in my presence, and those relationships have also tended to be great ones.

One girl in particular would give me such an ecstatic smile each time we met up for a date that I couldn't help but smile back. Even when I spoke to her on the phone, I couldn't help but smile. It was when she stopped smiling that I realised my relationship was in trouble.

When you can smile freely around someone, it can show how much you care about them and how much they care about you.

My Thoughts:

• I prefer a smile that tells it all, rather than meaningless words.


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