The Second Girl In My lIfe

The Second Girl In My lIfe

Posted 2014-01-03 by Sandyboyfollow
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I had just recently moved to a new neighbourhood, and was going to a new school when I met her. She had long brown hair, freckles and was fairly tall.

We usually hung out together in class at recess and at lunch. We would share jokes together, talk and generally just have a lot of fun. My problem was she wasn't single. She was a pretty good-looking girl, so it was no surprise she wasn't single. So I started to wait and wait for my opportunity to ask her out. Eventually he broke up with her, but before I could ask her out someone else stepped in.

After that I sort of gave up on her. We were still pretty close friends, but there was no longer that need to be closer to her. I even began to ask her each day who she liked, and each day it was someone else. Part of me always wanted her to say my name, but she never did.

Looking back, I wonder if there was something else I could have done?

Should I have told her how I felt, even though she was seeing someone else?


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