What to Do if the Relationship is Getting Boring

What to Do if the Relationship is Getting Boring

Posted 2014-01-05 by mikaelafollow

If you start to feel the fun dying out of your relationship, it may be time to start looking into something or things that will spruce it up.
You and your partner may have started off doing all the fun things, but over time it may have started to die down once you guys got settled.

Think of all the fun things you guys did when you first got together, these things could be simple as a little picnic together somewhere you both like or something that has more meaning to you both. This will give you guys a chance to sit down, eat, relax and talk to each other one on one.

You could also plan a day out together at a place you both like or you could choose a place each to go to together. That way you are doing something you both like and you could talk also.

You could plan a movie night for you both, by starting off the night by having a shower or bath together surrounded by candles and bubble. Then move on to having a candle lit dinner together.

Then cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie you both like, but before watching the movie leave all mobile devices in another room on silent that way you wont be distracted.

Start leaving little love notes around the house for your partner to find, have romantic dinners waiting for him when he arrives home from work.

The little things count.

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