What We Notice Instantly About The Opposite Sex

What We Notice Instantly About The Opposite Sex

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I have hit the streets and surveyed a group of males and females on the question ‘What do you notice instantly about the opposite sex’. The results were quite obvious, however reassurance never went astray. Boys and girls, it is vital to keep in mind what the public have said, and, remind yourself about the importance of first impressions, as it may be the deal breaker of scoring that date!

What Males Notice Instantly About a Female

1. Her Face: Many men could not pin point one area of a female’s face. Instead they believed that overall it must be cute with a nice smile and nice eyes. As an instant reaction they see the overall picture, and slowly they begin to look at each feature individually.

2. Eyes: A woman’s eyes can make any man feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Eyes can be very mesmerising, whether they are ice blue, deep brown or a beautiful green colour.

3. Smile: Men love a genuine smile. This tells a man that you are a positive, relaxed and fun person. A smile never lies and can definitely tell a man a lot about a woman.

4. Her Body: Many men like women who look after themselves and look after their body. They may not be super skinny but a woman must show confidence in their body and show that they care for it.

What Females Notice Instantly About a Male

1. Smile: Women all love a man with an infectious smile. Men who have the ability to smile early on in the meeting send welcoming signs.

2. Eyes: A woman loves dreamy eyes. This is an attraction that both men and women have. If you can hold contact and not feel uncomfortable, he is definitely a keeper.

3. Fashion Sense: Good fashion sense can give signals that a man cares about his appearance. Women love a man that takes his appearance seriously. No woman wants to see a man in ill fitting or dirty clothes that do not smell the best.

4. Height: Women look at whether a guy is taller than her. If a man is not tall, a female may feel uncomfortable which may be a deal breaker.

Did your answer make the list? If not, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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